At Summit Design, founded in 1993, we are the leading name and perfect partner in building the right environment for dining and leisure as well as serving a wider range of clients across industry, delivering our expertise “in Air”.

From the “ultimate treat restaurant” to other crowd magnets, top dining and well-known entertainment venues, casinos, hotel chains and fast food outlets, at Summit Design we have become a leading name and perfect partner in building the right environment. Some of the world’s most best known chefs and top restauranteurs come to Summit for all their Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Plumbing needs.

...every confidence that everything is going to be perfect...

Our wings cover similar needs for commercial business to high-end residential property markets too.

Our business is about creating the perfect environment. From sumptuous and relaxing front of house experiences to the busy worlds of operation in kitchen and catering establishments, company founder David Veysey and the team bring a great wealth of Design and Installation knowledge which combines perfectly with experience in every aspect of Mechanical Services Design and Build.

Leading names across the hospitality and leisure industry have helped Summit Design to become London and the South of England’s leading Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Plumbing, Design and Build Mechanical and Electrical Contractor specialists. at the heart of the restaurant

The operations comprise an energetic and professional Office Team with Design/Contracting Engineers and Draftsmen providing the backbone of the business activities. Between them, together, the Office Team alone boasts over 100 years combined experience in the trade!

With our site teams consisting of over 30 direct employees including Ductwork Crews to Air Conditioning and Plumbing Engineers, the whole team works closely to provide a seamless, stress free Mechanical and Electrical package for all our customers and for every type of environment.

From Bray to Soho, Canary Wharf to Londonderry and Mayfair to Manchester, clearly not only the South East sees our teams creating the perfect environment. But the line “I think I saw at least 4 of your vans today – some even in the same street!” has also been heard a number of times, and not just in the regular circles. It seems that Wardour Street has definitely been one of the regulars to get that kind of reputation!

...very professional, great efficiency, always available

At Summit Design we can help create the perfect environment for guests and visitors, for all styles and types of cuisine and businesses alike, setting up the best systems for temperatures, night and day, fully understanding the difference it will make to both cuisine and the ambience you make for those both working and others enjoying the both the ambience and environment.

We seek to deliver a consistent level of professionalism working to agreed plans and deadlines whilst always mindful of working to expectations, meeting budgets and successfully achieving on deliverables.