At Summit Design, we specialise in the design and delivery of high-efficiency systems for cooling and heating air and water. This is across all applications for the leisure and hospitality industries as well as for other commercial premises and residential too.

Whilst a significant number of our clients come from the Restaurant and Pub sector, Summit Design’s team boast great experience in the hotel sector as well as also installing large amounts of Office and Retail Unit Air Conditioning systems for Theatres, Film Studios and Computer businesses too.

Summit Design are specialists in designing and installing all types of Air Conditioning, from Comfort Cooling and/or Heat Pump direct expansion systems to high specification close control systems and Chilled Water cooling systems.

Our Comfort Cooling is perfect for those ‘front of house’ needs, whether it’s creating a cooler environment in which to sit for one of those hot summer days – or indeed, if it is generally too warm in the restaurant for whatever reason. We all know the occasions!

Helping to deliver a perfect environment for each client’s own particular needs, our air conditioning expertise delivers both heating and cooling, and the filtering/cleaning of air. For more information please visit our Ventilation page featuring air filtering, humidity control, odour control and general air treatment.