Barrafina calls in the experts

Barrafina calls in the experts

On Drury Lane, Covent Garden, Barrafina is a fantastic new restaurant serving contemporary and traditional tapas.

As a recently completed project, Barrafina, at Drury Lane for the Hart Brothers, the hugely well-known restauranteurs in the Soho area, Sam and Eddie Hart, follows the already established successes Quo Vadis and Barrafina with “Britain’s Best Restaurant” and other awards and reviews to their names, with Summit Design having played a leading role.

With key influencers in the style of cuisine coming from their early experience working with their father as owner of the Michelin-starred Hambleton Hall Hotel – Sam and Eddie Hart still find there are lots of things to keep learning as they progress their restaurant business. Other significant influences come from their Majorcan mother combined with extensive travels that many will know the brothers are passionate about. Summit Design have therefore been well placed to provide their expert support in creating the best air related ambience and support with this latest project.

As key members of the team helping to create Barrafina, the Summit Design team have been responsible for the design and installation on:
Air Conditioning, Kitchen Ventilation, Kitchen Extract Odour Control, Gas installation, heating and hot and cold water services as well as the Acoustic works and above ground drainage.

Marketing Manager Jonathan Lytle

Barrafina held a number of challenges including odour control requirements due to the proximity of neighbouring residents in exclusive accommodation, particularly due to local authority requirements; with the installation consisting of UV filtration, electrostatic precipitators and activated carbon panels.

Jonathan went on to add: that

due to other similar location concerns considerable noise control was also required which we had was designed and installed in conjunction with our acoustic partners Conabeare Acoustics.

The nature of the cuisine demanded one of Summit Design’s specialist designs with its theatre cooking installation, particularly as a considerable 4 floor riser installation was required, through which the kitchen extract and air conditioning pipework was installed.

The Charcoal fired “Josper” cooking has also been a key part of work provided, as part of the manufacturers requirements is served by a water mist safety system. Extract air is drawn through a fine mist of water to extinguish embers prior to them getting in the ductwork.

For Barrafina, instruction was received to install a “water wash” option that automatically washes down the canopy and surrounding ductwork every night. This function provides a fabulous option designed to reduce maintenance costs relating to canopy cleaning, a much sought after benefit Summit Design deliver today in similar such projects. This system is timed to operate every night at 3.00am for a 7minute period, washing down with hot water and detergent.

With the Air Conditioning provided by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and supplied by AMP Ltd, the bringing together of specialists and effective engineering demonstrates another significant job by Summit Design’s team, particularly in the London area, enabling the Hart Brothers to once again strike the London restaurant scene with a red hot offering.

As Dave Veysey, Managing Director at Summit Design added:

working together with Andy Martin, and Sam and Eddie Hart is always a great opportunity - and with such great successes in London and Soho already, we have been extremely pleased to secure another great chance of delivering yet another Barrafina restaurant in the Hart Brothers’ portfolio. Once again, many thousands of clients will witness our work over the coming years and we are proud to be associated with another project for them.