The Barbary – “a whole front of house experience!”

The Barbary – “a whole front of house experience!”

The Barbary, is the special “little Mediterranean sister” to the fabulous Palomar. In a true Mediterranean sibling tradition, abiding literally 2 doors down the street, in the truly ‘iconic Neal’s Yard’ is this fabulous 24 seater counter bar restaurant with its inspired Northern African and Mediterranean cuisine offering. It does what Palomar does, but even better!

The cuisine and ambience reflect the tastes and worlds from the Atlantic coast through to the Mediterranean Sea leading to Israel.

Grilling on coals or baking in ancient clay ovens in the middle of the village, is reflected in the Barbary’s welcome by its charcoal fired Robata grille and Tandoor oven installed.

Helping make this work so well, particularly for the whole front of house cooking experience speciality, enter Summit Design, renown for creating the best environment and ‘perfect air’ atmosphere when ‘live cooking’ in front of clients is concerned – especially with such Robata Grille cooking.

With the horseshoe shaped counter bar also providing a great experience, you really are able to enjoy full on ‘Front of House’ cooking so that you can literally soak up the Mediterranean cum North African atmosphere on the bar stools in a perfect environment.

However, just in case you have to wait for your seat, one side of the restaurant provides the standing counter where moreish bar snacks are served to tantalise you! Delicious delicacies such as deep-fried pastries containing cod, lemon and Moroccan spices and other hot tasty bites are already line you up for wanting more and more for when you are then sitting down!

In customary fashion Summit was pleased to deliver full installation of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning on a design and build basis incorporating Landlord’s and Local Authority approval.

Summit also provided the water mist and water wash canopy installation. Not only designed to ensure live embers do not cause fires in the extract duct as well as removing a higher percentage of air borne grease from kitchen extract but also providing the great facility for simple nightly water wash downs for the canopy too.

Any concerns for immediate Barbary neighbours, particularly those within 5 metres of kitchen extract discharge position have clearly been were washed away. Especially when other Covent Garden eateries and bars alike sometimes face similar worries. A neighbour with its roof garden overlooking the Barbary roof and extract discharge, were suitably catered for by Summit Design who installed high efficiency ESP filters that were installed to remove up to 98% of smoke and grease particles down to 0.01 microns.

In all, this latest Covent Garden project by Summit Design adds to the remarkable international cuisine and catering client success stories where the whole ‘front of house cooking experience’ for their clients is very much a key focus.