A breath of fresh Spanish air - Morada Brindisa, Picadilly

A breath of fresh Spanish air - Morada Brindisa, Picadilly

A breath of fresh Spanish air, away from the busy streets of Picadilly and Soho, the light and welcoming Spanish tones of Morada Brindisa touch you as you enter, from the warmth of the team, the exquisite aromas generated from a range of culinary skills and the cuisine before you.

The original Brindisa Tapas, itself, opened in 2004 from which the Brindisa family has grown – from London Bridge, then on to South Kensington and later to Picadilly and Barcelona. With it, Monika Linton, Brindisa and BTK founder, now has a company that brings “400 different Spanish ingredients to British shores”.

As ‘Experts’ in Air for London’s Top Restaurants, particularly for such great open kitchens, with Brindisa Morada and its particular specialities, Summit Design were suitably aligned to help provide its services.

Placing emphasis on meat, seafood and vegetables, Morada Brindisa Asador is centred around the Castilian tradition of roasting suckling pigs, and lamb, in an ‘asador’, a vast wood fired oven. When you arrive, you can literally ‘sit back and enjoy the theatre’ of their kitchen as dishes are prepared directly in front of you at the fabulous 360 degree bar, being able to take in the experience of the Josper oven or the Robata grill.

Summit Design were brought in to cover their air conditioning and ventilation specialities and over the year the result has been nigh-on perfect. The features of the Josper oven and Robata grill are plain to see, and the experience for business guests at lunchtimes, local residents in the evenings and the tourists who enjoy their weekend visits to this Brindisa all experience the aromas and thrills of the Spanish kitchen whilst being able to relax in the air conditioned environment delivered through Summit Design’s work.

The Charcoal fired “Josper” cooking has been again key part of work provided, as part of the manufacturers requirements is served by a water mist safety system. Extract air is drawn through a fine mist of water to extinguish embers prior to them getting in the ductwork.

From delicious coffee to a Spanish Mojito, or a dry sherry to a medium and sweet Moscatel dessert wine, you can enjoy any or the whole experience of Morada Brindisa from 12pm-11.30pm. We recommend it!