Working with Alan Yau for both Babaji Pide and Duck + Rice

Working with Alan Yau for both Babaji Pide and Duck + Rice

Announcing the successful additions to Alan Yau’s portfolio, Summit Design are pleased to share details of their completion of the design and installation of ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing services for more of Alan Yau’s latest enterprising adventures with both London’s ‘Duck and Rice’ and ‘Babaji Pide’.

Featuring in Premier Hospitality:

Babaji held a number of challenges from the visual view of the riser and external condensers, the control of odours and the difficulties in co-ordinating a high specification ornate interiors design with the air con and vent… the co-ordination for this level of mechanical services in such a small space was probably the biggest challenge.

What was a whole refurbishment project actually involved the complete revamp of the former Endurance Pub venue which came as a result of work with David Archer from lead architects Archer Humphryes and other colleagues at Project Designers Autoban.

This has been Alan’s first project where he has addressed UK pub culture having taken over the Endurance pub – with David Archer and team carrying out significant research into 19th century pubs and traditional drinking environments to gain maximum effect.

With yet another first for Summit Design, Marketing Manager Jonathan Lytle also commented:

as well as the success of these projects, Mr Alan Yau is an extremely well connected character in the London Restaurant scene and Summit Design was extremely pleased to secure both Duck and Rice and Babaji on the same basis. Many thousands of clients will witness our work over the coming years and we are proud to be associated with another project by Alan Yau and the team at AAYA.