Charcoal Cooking

Summit Design is pleased to have been working with leading restauranteurs delivering ‘expertise in air’ across a range of Live Cooking and Front of House Theatre cooking and the demands thereof.

From wood burning facilities, to Robata Grills, Josper and Bertha ovens, Summit Design have the pedigree, knowledge and expertise to implement all the necessary or appropriate ventilation, and air comfort, to help deliver the perfect environment for clients across the spectrum.

The nature of modern day cuisine with the ever popular whole front of house cooking experience means that the leaders on this front, Summit Design, renown for creating the best environment and ‘perfect air’ atmosphere when ‘live cooking’ in front of clients is concerned, are able to make the best impact for clients.

For speciality Robata Grille cooking and the implications for both the kitchen and dining environments, particularly with the ever-growing popularity of open kitchens and “Live cooking”, Summit Design have the pedigree.

Essentially, the Ventilation should be at optimum performance to remove 100% of the charcoal smoke without unnecessarily removing heat/cooling in the space.

CO monitors/alarms are also common as a safety back up as well as timers to ensure safe levels of Oxygen are maintained during the burn down and warm up.

Understanding the needs of a Robata grill operation is a Summit ‘speciality’, helping to provide a wonderful front of house experience.