Our expertise in air is demonstrated by the success of the end product. We will filter and clean it, ensuring both private and public domains have all the necessary and appropriate deodorising and oxygenating.

Summit can also put in place systems for regulating the humidity of the air to suit both the environment and ultimately both our clients’ and their own clients’ whole experience too. These are normally specialist areas such as computer rooms, Humidors and Wine rooms.

For the restaurants, we replenish the oxygen content for those dining, by introducing tempered fresh air, which of course is a minimum requirement by Building Regulation (Part F).

For the kitchen itself, we can condition the air going in, filtering it, sometimes heating it, sometimes cooling it. All to suit the clients budget.

Often, but not always, it is a requirement to actually condition the extracted air. This is referred to as Odour control. This is usually due to Local Authority requirements or location of local properties.

This is achieved by the installation of carbon filters to filter the air, with ESP removing the particulate oil and grease. Both these processes cleanse the air for different results.

During this process, we are also able to add ozone or odour neutralisers, as appropriate.

In essence, we increase the quality of the kitchen environment. Sometimes required by law but always in accordance with good practice.

Our Kitchen Ventilation Systems comply with CIBSE recommendation and DW172 Kitchen Ventilation Designers manual which form the backbone for the kitchen Ventilation systems.

“Live” cooking is hugely vogue, this involves cooking over a charcoal bed or in charcoal ovens such as Josper.

The removal of air borne impurities is essential when extracting from this type of cooking as is the measures to extinguish flying embers. For this we install water mist canopies which draws the air through a fine mist of water which cools the air and extinguishes flying embers.

We have successfully installed Ventilation systems for Restaurateurs such as Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Sir Terence Conran, Chris and Jeff Galvin, D and D London, Tom Sellers and many more, most of these were part of a full refurb and/or new installations.

We have systems that were installed some 15 years ago that are still running well and providing that they are looked after and cleaned regularly will last for many more years to come. We are proud of the longevity, efficiency and reliability of the systems installed by us.

All Kitchen Extract fans used are high efficiency, robust in construction and easily cleaned, a must in a heavily grease laden environment. Inverters or Fan Speed Controllers are a must for energy efficiency and are now a legal requirement under the Part L regulations.